Every Search Marketer can set up Machine Learning Models

I must confess: I’m crazy about Search Engine Marketing. And I truly fell in love with Machine Learning. Not the worst combination many would say. It’s super exiting to work in SEM nowadays. Machine Learning already has conquered the entire  industry and digital campaign execution becomes automated more and more. Decisions are made in real time from our programs based on data and statistics. 

Boost up your SEM with Machine Learning

Do you understand what’s happening behind the smartbidding-curtain?

The driving AI-forces in Search Advertising are mainly big players like Google, Microsoft (Bing), Adobe or Baidu. Googles Smartbidding-tools and solutions like Responsive Search Ads made a tremendous change in the last decade.

But there is a shady side as well: not many marketers know about the technology behind these tools.

They have no idea how they work in detail and don’t get algorithm-insights or data-model-insights. They’re starving for external product-updates, new tools and solutions. They’re totally dependent…

Create your own AI for Search Engine Marketing

Wouldn’t it be awesome to play by your own rules? To build your own algorithms and tools to push your Search Engine Marketing? Wouldn’t it be tremendously game-changing to develop your own Artificial Intelligence to validate external algorithms with a 2nd point of truth? To create a 100% customized solution for your business, to keep your  1st party-CRM-data within your own framework and still be able to improve SEM with Machine Learning?

It might be surprise you, but it’s not very hard to jump on this powerful train to get started with Machine Learning.

And once you’ve developed learnings about the fundamental functionality of data-preprocessing, machine-learning frameworks, algorithm selection and model-validation your SEM will become more precise, more efficient and more powerful.

Bidding-optimization, market-segmentation, reach-prediction and task-automation are just a few fields that are affected in a positive way.

Learn how to start with Machine Learning

This website is for all the people who execute Search Engine Marketing campaigns. It’s for people who would like to step forward and for folks who are exited to learn and to tread new paths.

The goal of this websites content is to provide an overview about the possibilities of Machine Learning in Search Engine Marketing – beside the tools provided by Google. You should get an idea where and how to start and learn about about key-techniques of Machine Learning and current industry standards. And finally I hope to provide some inspiration how to bring your Search campaigns to a whole new level.

What I request you to do is nothing less than to challenge the way SEM is done by today to work more creative, more efficient and more innovative. 

We have a lot of things to do.

let’s go!

Stay tuned!